About our Personalized Ornaments & Gifts

Family Owned and Operated Business:

FamilyOrnament.com (Montana Moose and Co.) is a family operated and owned business based out of Missoula Montana. Family and animals have always played a major role in the lives of Peggy, Larry, Ben, and Alex. It is with great excitement that our company is able to offer our customers a unique product line that touches the hearts and memories of family and friends all across the nation. The end result of our product... smiles and joy.

Family Photo during Christmas
Alex, Peggy, Ben and Larry

FamilyOrnament.com is a family operated and owned business. Artist extraordinaire Peggy Kupper along with husband Larry Kupper celebrate the holidays in their Montana home with their two sons, Alex and Ben.

Moose Family Personalized Christmas Ornament

Thank you so much for the beautiful ornaments. I was astonished at how quickly I received them and was delighted at how charming they are. I couldn’t wait to give my fiancé the one that will be our first Christmas ornament as a family (we are getting married next year!). I made him open it last night, and he absolutely loved it! You will definitely be hearing from us again—you are going to be our Christmas tradition! We will also spread the word about your website to everyone we know.
Thanks so much, and Happy Holidays!!


Artist extraordinaire Peggy Kupper:

Artist Peggy Kupper
Montana Artist Peggy Kupper pictured with her dogs Domino and Taz.

FamilyOrnament.com displays a passion for the outdoors and wildlife through our unique Montana designed gifts. Artist Extraordinaire Peggy Kupper originally started creating her Christmas ornaments around a kitchen table in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 1986. At first she was selling her Christmas ornaments at local craft fairs. Immediately, it was evident Peggy's designs were a huge hit and business was relocated to Missoula Montana. Learn more about the artist Peggy Kupper...

Mother Moose Gifts & Gallery

Mother Moose Gifts & Gallery Retail Store in Missoula Montana

Please come visit us and see our retail store located in beautiful Missoula Montana. Be charmed by the unique collection of gifts which speak, feel, look, smell and even have the taste of Montana and the mountains of the northwest. Products of local artist designer/owner, Peggy Kupper are featured.

Our retail store is located at:

3014 Brooks St, Missoula, MT 59801

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Mother Moose Gifts and Gallery, now in its new location, 3014 Brooks St, Missoula MT, is the outgrowth of Mother Moose Enterprises 25 years plus of serving the mountain resort gift industry. The store features gifts designs of local artist/owner Peggy Kupper and specializes in personalizable ornaments, figurines, snow globes, magnets, wooden picture frames and boxes with an American wildlife theme, but that is not all. Using Peggy’s discerning eye for distinctive gifts, she has brought into the store a large array of products with a distinctively Montana & north woods theme.

Peggy has been designing moose, bear and other American wildlife gifts since 1986. Her designs are inspired by her love of animals and can best be described as fun, cute, whimsical and sure to bring a smile to all who view them. One ingredient for the phenomenal success of Peggy’s artistic creations is they are all designed to be personalized with people’s names and dates or places visited. So in addition to the smiles her unique designs bring to people they also spark the memory of treasured times with family, friends and vacation travels.

Peggy, being a hand crafter, knows it is great fun to design and build something that fits you, a family member, or special friend, just the right way. Because Family Charm Ornament and Davinci Bead Jewelry are completely designed and assembled in store, they are some of Peggy’s favorites. Both products will fit the exact needs of the special someone in your life and are great fun to design. Stop by Mother Moose Gifts and Gallery today to experience all the wonderful gifts and too have some fun, you’ll be glad you did.

About our Personalized Family Ornaments:

Ornaments with family names (i.e. Mom, Dad, all the kids and pets too), have always been a favorite of our customers. However, until now, we had no way for our customers create an ornament to fit every size family and even change to growing families, thus was born Family Charm ornaments. The concept is simple yet brilliant and now after several years of development, we have a website to offer these unique personalized Christmas ornaments. On our website customers can build and create their very own customized family keepsake ornaments and even have them personalized for free. The customized Christmas ornaments are great gift ideas for families, friends, couples, pets, baby's first Christmas, teachers, coaches and any other occasion you can think of. Our designs range from wildlife, sports, mountain, ocean, Christmas, cats, dogs, weddings, and farm animals. Show your friends and family that you care by giving them a truly unique personalized gift that will be cherished for the years to come.

Brothers Ben and Alex
Brothers Ben and Alex visit Disney Land for the first time.

Although Ben and Alex have long grown up and now provide technical and marketing support for the business, they can always remember their good times growing up when the family gets together every Christmas and decorates the tree with personalized memories.

Personalized Brother Christmas Ornament

FamilyOrnament.com (Montana Moose & Co.) is a family owned and operated business. Learn more about our company.