Help Building Your Ornaments

It's simple, fun & easy for you to build your own custom Christmas ornament or wall hanging!

First, you need to click on the "Build Ornament" link located on the top menu bar.

Next, you need to choose a header piece from the top portion of the screen. You can choose from more header pieces by clicking the "more header pieces" link. You select your header piece by clicking on it and dragging it to "Your Family Ornament." The piece should now be visible in "Your Family Ornament". If you want to change the piece you can simply drag it away from "Your Family Ornament" and replace it with one you like more.

Third, you need to select the charms to attach to your header piece. Charms are located on the left portion of the screen. You select a charm the same way you would select a header piece by clicking on it and dragging it to "Your Family Ornament". You can browse for more charms to use by clicking on the drop down menu. Be creative and try different combinations of charms. With so many charms to choose from, you'll surly be able to create a custom Christmas ornament that will be treasured for years.

Now that you have created a custom ornament for your family you can add it to your shopping cart where you can add free personalization! When you are adding personalization please be sure to verify the spelling of names.

Finally, Bells are attached to the bottom of the ornament for a beautiful effect of sound and sight.


If you are experience technical problems with your browser you may need to purchase the individual Family Charm Pieces separately.

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