Easy Step Personalization Instructions

  1. Use extra fine point permanent marker. This will allow you to make small letters and longer names and messages. We suggest the Sharpie extra fine point industrial.
  2. Choose a script that is most comfortable for you. We suggest you use all capitals slightly offset up and down with dots as the easiest to learn. Example:
  3. Free Personalization on our ornaments Free Personalization on our ornaments Free Personalization on our ornaments
  4. Keep letters close together as this helps to keep a straight line.
  5. Use scotch tape as a practice guide. Practice on the tape to see how it fits on the ornament. Move it around and see how it centers. (Note lines are thicker on tape than on the ornament.) If you are personalizing on a wide-open area you can use the tape to keep your lettering straight by placing the tape a fraction of an inch below where you want to letter. Be careful not to touch the tape as this will bleed and leave an unwanted line.
  6. Keep pen flowing by scribbling on a piece of scratch paper.
  7. Fixing a mistake is easily done two ways. (Caution, surface must have a topcoat of clear finish on it or paint will be removed along with personalization.)
    1. For small errors gently scrape off letters with the flat edge of a razor blade.
    2. For larger errors remove all lettering with rubbing alcohol. Using a Q-tip dip it into the rubbing alcohol to completely wet the tip, (Q-tip should not be dripping.) Apply wet Q-tip to lettering to be removed and rub and rotate. When Q-tip become black use new Q-tip and continue with process until personalization is removed. Use caution not to wipe too much or to hard as this process can remove the complete ornament surface. Best results are achieved if personalization is removed promptly after error.
  8. Additional hints:
    1. Keep lines straight.
    2. Use consistent letter size on same ornament. Scale will vary depending on personalization space.
    3. Stacking words helps to keep lines straight and will fit the ornament better.

Congratulations you have now graduated from the Montana Moose and Co school of personalization and we herby give you the honorary degree of Personalizer.

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